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Who are we?

As a member of the Budapest Bar Association, dr. Lóránt Horváth has been a practicing lawyer since 2014, initially as the founder of dr. Horváth Lóránt Ügyvédi Iroda. The Office's main profile consists of economic crimes, including budget fraud, tax affairs and economic law. The Office is the contractual partner of VÁMOSI-NAGY ERNST & YOUNG Law Firm in the field of budgetary crimes. Today, dr. Lóránt Horváth and his colleagues are ranked among the top five law offices in Hungary in the field of economic and budgetary crimes. Our goal is to provide our clients not only with high quality service in the legal field, but also to be fast and constantly available, which is why we work with the American CLIO attorney software which, in addition to supporting our daily work, enables secure and fast communication with our partners. Through the system, you can check the status, costs, events of your case and the generated documents at any time. It is important that the system provides you with a secure channel of communication, since the attorneys’ practice is based on trust. We have sworn to confidentiality and we aim to keep it.

Expertise and responsibility

We believe that life poses the most insoluble problems for us, one is health and the other is law. We need competent help in both cases, who, as an outsider, manages our case impartially and confidentially. If you recognize your legal problem in time and ask for help, you are much more likely to resolve it. Contact us, then we record the facts and ask from you the related files. We will process your case shortly and give you possible directions for resolution. We keep in touch with you through the CLIO attorney software, which allows you to keep track of your case even through Your mobile phone.

Speed and flexibility

When solving legal issues, you expect us to take action as quickly as possible. For this, we need your active participation, information and fast, accurate communication. We believe that effective and prompt intervention can prevent even more serious problems, so we are able to respond to your case as soon as possible. We have no capacity issues, our attorneys are always ready to help you. With our CLIO attorney software, we process the problems in a uniform manner, and you can track every step thereof, even on your mobile phone.

Accessibility and intelligible communication

According to surveys, clients in most cases complain about the inaccuracy and unreachability of lawyers. The lawyer and the doctor are trusted participants of our daily lives, whom we must be able to reach in critical situations. Do you know the feeling of dialing a number when in trouble, but nobody answers it? We are available to our customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week, we pick up our central mobile phone in all cases or call you back within 1 hour. If you contact us through the CLIO attorney software, our colleague is there to answer your questions immediately wherever he/she is at the moment. According to our principles, honest and clear speaking is the basis for realistic problem management, thus we give you understandable and straightforward answers in every situation and provide you with a realistic assessment of the situation.


Others said about us

I have been working with dr. Lóránt Horváth for just over two years. What kind of impression did I get about him during our work relationship? Professionally sound, trustworthy and very honest! What more is needed when it comes to a lawyer?

Sándor Friderikusz

writer, public figure

Dr. Lóránt Horváth's professional knowledge is the perfect blend of practicality and scientific knowledge, approaching a given matter in the simplest way possible and with full knowledge of the relevant paragraphs.

Zoltán Horváth

Hori-Zone Solutions, founder, executive director

Maximum confidence, based on many years of experience: fast, accurate, no mistakes and always clearly explained. Exceptional and extremely professional.

Endre Schindler

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